Send AI-powered emails tailored to every unique customer without the hassle of customer segmentation or workflow automation

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Unlock Success: Supercharge Sales with Artificial Intelligence

In the fiercely competitive world of pet e-commerce, standing out & connecting with customers is non-negotiable. That's why we created PetPro AI.

Merchants who subscribe to our replenish emails see a 27% average increase in customer order value and a 178% average increase in numbers of orders.

PetPro AI uses an advanced AI engine to analyze first-party information about customers' pets, shopping history, and customer data to automatically create uniquely relevant emails that grab attention, drive repeat sales, and foster lasting loyalty. No customer segmentation or workflow automation required.

Personalize every customer interaction and order fulfillment with pet information shown on order pages & customer pages.

Ready to dramatically increase customer loyalty & repeat sales with PetPro AI? Lets do it!



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Automated Replenish Emails Boost Repeat Sales!

  1. Pet Photos: Capture hearts with emails featuring customer's own adorable pet pics.
  2. Product Nudges: Remind customers of their favorite purchases.
  3. Tailored Discounts: Automatically apply custom discounts.
  4. Seamless Shopping: Direct click-through to the shopping cart.
  5. Bi-Weekly Reminders: Encourage re-orders every two weeks.

Elevate your e-commerce game with our smart email strategy! 🚀

Get to Know Your Customers' Pets!

  1. Seamless Entry: Customers click “Add Pet,” and the Pet Profile Form appears. It vanishes once pet info is submitted.
  2. Customize Form: Include DOGSCATS, or BOTH in the form.
  3. Key Insights: Learn about species, gender, age, living arrangements, and siblings.
  4. Pet Pics: Encourage customers to add pet photos for personalized email notifications.
  5. Smart Integration: Data from the form appears on customer cards and order pages, personalizing support calls and product tracking.

PetPro AI: Where pet profiles meet efficiency! 🐾📊


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Unlock Revenue Growth with PetPro AI!

  1. Simple Setup: Get started in a few easy steps.
  2. No Segmentation Hassles: Say goodbye to manual customer sorting.
  3. Zero Automation Overhead: No complex architecture to build.
  4. Seamless Data Integration: Automatically includes 1st party customer information.
  5. Account-Free Magic: Works wonders even for customers without accounts.

PetPro AI: Where simplicity meets success! 📈🚀

Elevate Loyalty with Pet-Centric Shopping!

  1. My Pet Section: Navigate to pet paradise! Add a dedicated “My Pet” section to your navigation bar.
  2. Discount Delight: Picture this—branded speech bubbles and playful pop-up nudges offering exclusive pet discounts.
  3. Pet Insights Everywhere: Pet info shines on customer order screens and Shopify cards.
  4. Phone Magic: Personalize phone interactions using pet details. It’s like a tail-wagging secret handshake.
  5. Packing Perfection: Add pet notes to packing slips. Because every furball deserves a special touch.

PetPro AI: Where loyalty meets wagging tails! 🐾🛒

Unlock Performance Insights!

  • Analyze daily, weekly, & monthly open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Track PetPro AI’s performance increasing repeat customer sales.


Install PetPro AI Today!
    • Create unlimited pet profiles
    • Customizable features for offering discounts to add pets
    • Match pet profile to purchase history
    • Analyze products by pet information

  • Everything in Free Plan


    • Personalize Pet Profile Entry Form with animal species
    • Also available as an annual plan for $49.50.
  • Everything in the Basic Plan plus...

    • Automated personalized replenish emails for up to 4,000 customers.
    • Additional emails at $.008/each
    • Monthly usage costs estimated after app install
    • Email opens, clicks and orders tracked within Shopify